It's the big 5-0 for Do We Like so we have a special episode for you! This is our unaired pilot we recorded before the show ever began. It's a little clunky, but still lots of fun so enjoy Robyn and Eric's debate on Baths! Should we be sitting in a puddle of our own butt dirt? Or are the relaxing benefits the best thing you can do for yourself? Listen to find out!
Published 09/16/21
Published 09/16/21
We're back this week with another full debate and there's no where to go but up... Unless you're Eric who wants to eliminate the concept of Heights! Robyn won't let him smooth things over so easily though as they debate the heady topic with blatant disregard for mountains and physics. Should we get rid of all two story buildings to clear up the sky? Or would that only fill the land with bungalows for every person on Earth? Listen to find out!
Published 09/09/21
If you haven't read the title yet, please do as it kind of says it all. This week's special guest judge Devery Wild lives up to her name bringing the wildest topics Robyn and Eric have debated yet! Should kids be a little freak on a leash? Do you need to say hello to your siblings, parents, aunts and uncles with a big wet kiss on the lips? And what type of person should your single mother date? Listen to the episode to find out!
Published 08/26/21
Did you hear about the new actors they chose to play peas? It's a great pod cast. Har har har. If you haven't guessed, Eric and Robyn debate the puns in all their punder (ugh). Will good humour win the fight? Or should these "jokes" go away for good? Listen to find out!
Published 08/19/21
Bang! Pow! This week Robyn and Eric debate topics brought to us by comic book writer and pie judger Michael Tanner! Are tacos worth their weight in gold? Should George Clooney be a household name? And are road trips really worth all the ass-pain? Listen to find out!
Published 08/12/21
Meet us on top of the monkey bars this week because we're going for a spin on some classic playground "deathtraps!" Eric brings the heat (from metal slides) to present this week's topic of, so called, "Dangerous" playground equipment. Will Robyn be swayed like a 20 foot swingset? Or will we both have minor fractures by the end of the debate? Tune in to find out!
Published 08/05/21
Lightning strikes with vocal tenacity this week as Robyn and Eric debate topics brought to us by special guest Sarah Elmaleh! Do we decide to commute our opinions from pro to con? Or maybe we all chill with a Euro version of the X-Files theme? Not before we question whether corporations are using social causes for good or evil! Listen to find out where we land this week on Do We Like?!
Published 07/29/21
No greater a fight has there been than Goku vs... the other guy - until today! This week Robyn and Eric debate the always contentious topic of Anime. Should we be spiking our hair match our favourite animation style? Or is there a lot more to the genre than meets the (oversized) eye? Tune in to find out!
Published 07/22/21
The 2nd part of 2nd chances is here to update you on Robyn and Eric's new thoughts on previous topics! Would house plants be better as outdoor plants? Is there ever a reason to travel during a pandemic? And you gotta hear the wild swing we take on virtual escape rooms! Listen to find out what happens!
Published 07/15/21
This week Robyn and Eric bring you a very special episode as we take a second look at some of the topics we might have made the wrong call on now that we have: Life Experience! Are TikToks dancing back into our hearts? Does boba tea really put a bubble in our step? And maybe duvets are good actually! Listen to find out!
Published 07/08/21
Robyn and Eric are back again, bringing the Lightning to your ears with special guest Emily Kuklinski! They do their darndest to get Emily off the fence in a galaxy far, far away, teach her how to have a movie-worthy meet-cute, and earn that golden ticket to go to LA! Listen to find out where we land on this week's topics!
Published 07/01/21
Eric is in full presentation mode this week, so you know what that means: another topic from the bathroom! Will he be able to convince Robyn to throw away tradition and get rid of any soft surfaces in the room where the toilet lives? Or are we destined to have bacteria stewing no matter where we go? Listen to find out!
Published 06/24/21
Grab your golf clubs and get under the nearest tree, it's time for another Lightning Round! This week, special guest Adam Milne doesn't clown around as he puts Robyn and Eric to task debating a potentially problematic director, talking about talking about TV shows, and *whispers* someone licking your ears over wifi. Listen to find out where we land on this week's Do We Like?!
Published 06/17/21
Grind us up and put us in breading because this week we're debating the beloved Chicken McNugget! Will Robyn be able to convince Eric of the power of the Nug? Or is she tugging at the wrong snack? Listen to find out!
Published 06/10/21
A storm's a-brewin' this week as our special guest Genevieve Robinson brings three more topics for Robyn and Eric to debate! Should mom and pop get an online store going? Are spin classes some light dungeon-play? And should we let robots keep their hands at 10-and-2? Listen to find out!
Published 06/03/21
Close your windows, and probably also your blinds, because this week's episode is for the birds! As last week's winner, Robyn brings the topic of birds to the table and lays out the wide variety of issues she has with them. Will Eric agree? Listen to find out!
Published 05/27/21
Lightning strikes thrice as our special guest Jordan Duczek brings three brand new topics to our tools of debate Robyn and Eric! Does the N64 make us wish we had three hands? Is Debbie Downer really the life of the party? And should we look to the people next door for friendship? Listen to find out!
Published 05/20/21
Get your cheeks on fleek this week as Robyn and Eric debate the topic of Bidets! Should you be getting wet and wild in the washroom with your pressure washer? Or are the offerings of toilet paper enough to keep your clean? Listen to find out!
Published 05/13/21
Like a flash in the night, lightning strikes this week as special guest Amy Couzens joins Robyn and Eric to get themselves off that dang fence! Should we have joined a guild and lost our jobs to WoW? Are we buying too many machine-made Macha Lattes? And could we be doing all these things without those troublesome cables? Tune in to find out!
Published 05/06/21
Don your sword and shields, fellow nerds, because Robyn and Eric are back with another full debate and this week they tackle the Fantasy Genre! From the highest elves to the lowest dwarves, no manner of fantastical creature (except He-Man and Monsters) are spared. Should we be LARPing the live-long day or hiding our escapist urges forever? Listen to find out!
Published 04/29/21
Rolling like thunder under the covers, it's time for another lightning round! This week, Robyn and Eric are joined by fellow improvisor and Eric-proclaimed father of the year Trevor Aikman to see if we're feelin' freed on honey's mead. Are vinyl records a centerpiece or a piece of garbage? And should donuts just give it a rest? Listen to find out!
Published 04/22/21
We've got our reflective tape on the stairs and thick eye liner around our eyes this week as Robyn and Eric hit the stage debating Musicals! Should the show always go on or are these notes too high for anyone to reach? Find out this week on Do We Like?
Published 04/15/21
We're back with lightning aplomb as our special guest Jennifer Fuller brings topics modern and classic for Robyn and Eric to debate! Does fondant even need to exist? Are Crocs back for a reason? And what swears should we teach our Furbys next? Listen to find out!
Published 04/08/21
This week Robyn and Eric debate a topic that has come between them far too often: Lip balm. Should we be slathering our smackers with the silky smooth balm or is it just a ruse we play on ourselves and our lips? Listen to find out!
Published 03/25/21