50. Baths
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It's the big 5-0 for Do We Like so we have a special episode for you! This is our unaired pilot we recorded before the show ever began. It's a little clunky, but still lots of fun so enjoy Robyn and Eric's debate on Baths! Should we be sitting in a puddle of our own butt dirt? Or are the relaxing benefits the best thing you can do for yourself? Listen to find out!
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Published 09/16/21
We're back this week with another full debate and there's no where to go but up... Unless you're Eric who wants to eliminate the concept of Heights! Robyn won't let him smooth things over so easily though as they debate the heady topic with blatant disregard for mountains and physics. Should we...
Published 09/09/21
If you haven't read the title yet, please do as it kind of says it all. This week's special guest judge Devery Wild lives up to her name bringing the wildest topics Robyn and Eric have debated yet! Should kids be a little freak on a leash? Do you need to say hello to your siblings, parents, aunts...
Published 08/26/21