This week Robyn and Eric run towards the lightning to debate a few choice topics for our special guest Patrick! Are house plants your new friend or should they remain outdoor pets? Is yoga something we should be doing or is putting on a duvet cover enough? Find out this week!
Published 03/18/21
Wake up from your dreams of cream to find Robyn and Eric in full debate mode as they chug info on the white gold known as Milk! Does it really do a body good or should we give the teats a break? Listen now to find out who wins the battle of big dairy.
Published 03/11/21
This week the lightning is thick with specificity as Robyn and Eric debate topics provided by our special guests Zach and Lexi from the podcast Rad or Sad! Is jean on jean the look that'll last a lifetime, or should we don our swimsuits and go to the waterpark? Listen to find out!
Published 03/04/21
Get a burst of that tropical anti-inflammatory flavour in your ears as Robyn and Eric take one of the most famous debates to task. Does pineapple belong on a pizza or is it too good for the saucy pie? Listen to find out what conclusion is plucked in this week's big debate!
Published 02/25/21
Zippity-zap! Lightning strikes again with special guest Melissa Coleman bringing the big-brain topics to Robyn and Eric's debate-dome. How should we feel about poems that don't rhyme? Are they a crime or a good time?? Maybe a classic Wilhelm scream will solve the problem. And whether you're feeling positive or negative, our magnet debate will leave you utterly... electric? Listen now!
Published 02/18/21
Slam that Pop-o-Matic bubble 'cause Robyn and Eric are looking to get into Trouble as they debate board games! Are they as much fun as you can have with cardboard or should they be flipped into oblivion? Roll the dice and listen to find out where we land this week!
Published 02/11/21
Clap it up, thunder and lightning, as special guest Naa Adei brings some heady topics for us to debate this week. Is Grad school worth the price of admission? What is Sex and the City without Samantha even going to be?? You better listen to find out before you're left out in the lightning!
Published 02/04/21
Pop a tent next to the fire because Robyn and Eric are rustling up a debate about the outdoor wonderland of camping. Is it humans against nature or should we learn to live together in harmony? Listen to find out if you should be booking your campsite or staying home for good.
Published 01/28/21
Robyn and Eric run for cover as lightning returns with our special guest, and friend of the show, Kandi! Are we the boss-ass-bitch she's looking for or should we grab our banana medicine with our long fake nails and split? Find out who wins by listening today!
Published 01/21/21
With our first full debate of the new year, Robyn and Eric tackle the tangy topic of American Cheese. Does the "cheese product" stand up to the heat or melt away under the slightest pressure? Listen to find out!
Published 01/14/21
Is there anything scarier than a horror movie? White elephant parties, perhaps! Find out what Robyn and Eric decide when special guest Kayt brings us new topics for the lightning round thunderdome!
Published 01/07/21
The stack-rank gets longer and the debates more heated as we close out the year, and our list, the only way we know how: by crushing the monarchy and enjoying a bagel. Happy New Year, everyone!
Published 12/31/20
2020 is almost over!!! But before we can sing Auld Lang Syne we need to stack-rank every person, place, or thing we've debated this year. Friend of the show Kelby is back to help Robyn and Eric decide what takes the #1 spot and what should hit the bricks.
Published 12/30/20
'Tis the season to avoid drunken coworkers and winking senior management as Robyn and Eric debate the annual tradition of work holiday parties. Do we cheers to another happy evening with our co-workers or drown our spirits alone at home? Listen to find out who gets the gift of victory this holiday season!
Published 12/24/20
Lightning strikes thrice with friend of the show Kelby! He brings us topics through the ages from the 90's to the... 2000's! Find out which of us 90's kids remembers more in this showdown for the aged.
Published 12/17/20
"But I don't wanna be a debate topic!" says Jerry as Robyn and Eric debate whether the smash TV hit Seinfeld is worth a re-watch or should be put in the trash with the rest of the 90s.
Published 12/10/20
Sparks fly this lightning round as we help friend of the show Savannah Lucas decide whether she loves PSL, The Office (US), and going to baseball games. Put us in coach, 'cause we're ready to... debate!
Published 12/03/20
The debate won't be dropped in the lawn this week as Robyn and Eric have their creamiest showdown yet. Will the bright green fruit come out on top or be buried in the ground (and not in a good way).
Published 11/26/20
A plethora of topics rain down in another lightning round with our guest Pat Baer! He's bringing specific sandwiches, cutesy masks, and virtual escaping to the table for Robyn and Eric to find the answers as to the question... Do we like?
Published 11/19/20
Beep beep, honk honk, make way for a new episode! This week Robyn and Eric swerve hither and thither while they debate the pros and cons of the world's most dangerous everyday activity: Driving. Listen to this while your road tripping or train hopping to see which side we land on.
Published 11/12/20
Thunder roars this lightning round as our guest judge and alive bench Gabrielle Dufresne brings the heat with her topics! Are we too old of Tiktok, too empathetic for 90 Day Fiancé, or have too many working taste buds for Kombucha? Listen to find out!
Published 11/05/20
As All Hallows' Eve approaches, Robyn and Eric debate whether the things that creep through our basements are an 8-legged friend keeping us safe from worse evils or a fanged menace you should be scared of for many reasons.
Published 10/29/20
Lightning strikes again with our latest guest judge & fellow audio producer Mycah! Join us to find out if donuts > bagels, if cancel culture needs to be canceled, and learn who gets to pick their debate side next ep!
Published 10/22/20
The crispy crunch isn't loved by all, it seems. Find out who wins the saltiest debate of our show yet!
Published 10/15/20
We’re back with a lightning round featuring special guest, jack-of-all-arts and friend of the show, Bob Carnahan! Bob brings three topics that have been troubling him for “experts” Robyn and Eric to debate in order to decide Do We Like?!
Published 10/15/20