074: Turning Employees Into Lottery Winners With Dwayne J. Clark
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Dwayne's obsession with health and longevity led him on an incredible journey of research into finding every conceivable way to live a richer, healthier & more fulfilled life. He’s the CEO of Aegis Living, which is one of the most sought-after assisted living facilities in the US with over 30 locations. He's also the producer of two Award-winning films, and author of several books including his most recent, '30 Summers Left', which shares the "lessons from longevity" that Dwayne has amassed from the latest health and wellness research on living the best life possible.   Places to Find Dwayne: Dwayne’s personal website. On Facebook, at A Big Life On Instagram, @dwaynejclark   Show Notes: 3:25 minute: What is the context for your story, what was life like growing up and what was the mindset around money instilled in you? Youngest of 4 children by eight years. Going to “Poverty School”. His Mother moved them while he was in High School to get him in a better school, but that caused them to run out of money. The potato soup moment that led to a foundation later in life. Good companies need for sensitivity. 9:20 minute: You mentioned fulfillment, I think that at the end of the day comes from the degree to which we feel like we are contributing, would you agree with that? We are all the best cheerleader on our own bandwagon. Having empathy matters. 11:20 minute: Could you expand on how your Mother instilled confidence in you? How she did that and the way it influenced you and your vision for yourself? Modeled the behavior. Comparisons to famous families to create that ambition. Entrepreneurial ventures in High School. Confidence is the best gift a parent can give a child. 15:00 minute: Our mindsets are malleable. Fixing it is the only real way to get to where you are trying to go. All the good CEOs believe they are going to succeed no matter what. The ones who don’t succeed have trouble with self doubt. “Part of being a great leader is getting people to do above and beyond what they think they can do.” “You’ve got to elevate them in a way that they didn’t think they could possibly do that.” Jack Welch lesson on being bold. 17:10 minute: What habit or set of habits has had the most significant impact on your results as you’ve grown Aegis. Trusting your gut. Explanation of the company’s Lottery System for employees. “When you believe in something that's really true and you think no this can work if we do it this way, you’ve got to follow through on it.” 20:20 minute: How many of these grand prize winners have you had so far? The day after the interview was recorded was the 5th one of $50k. 21:10 minute: Your staff are the lives you can impact the most. What does it mean for you to be able to do something like this lottery for the people that work for you? It’s everything. Our Customer is #2, behind the staff, you’ve got to delight your staff. The Seattle secret. His company was impacted by all the other big companies around him being so great in the service industry and learning from them. 24:30 minute: Tell us some of the ways you compete on that service front, I was reading about soft benefits? What does that mean? Hard benefits are your paycheck, medical, retirement funds. Soft benefits are everything else. Transportation passes,
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