091: Let Stress Be Your Alarm Clock
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Dorothy recently attended the Millionaire Mind Intensive, a three day training seminar created by T. Harv Ecker, the author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. She has shared lessons learned from this event over the course of June and today tackles one last thing: stress. We all have it. We all want to be rid of it, right? Or is there another way to look at it. That is the question Dorothy poses and dives in to on this minisode.   Show Notes: 1:00 minute: Are you stressed out? 2:15 minute: Let stress be your alarm clock. 3:45 minute: Problems are bigger than you; time to learn and grow. 4:25 minute: Change your reaction to stress.   Where to Find Dorothy: Visit Do Well and Do Good’s free Facebook community here and arrange a one-on-one with Dorothy herself! Follow Dorothy on Instagram @dorothyillson to keep up with the latest Do Well & Do Good news!
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