099: Combating Gender Bias In The Workplace with Andie Kramer
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This week's guest is Andrea Kramer. Andie is a lawyer, keynote speaker, artist, women's rights activist, author, and all around rockstar! She balances a successful and demanding legal career with her passion to help women navigate both the obvious and subtle gender biases they encounter in career settings. This passion has led to co-authoring two incredible books on the topic, "It's Not You, It's the Workplace" and "Breaking Through Bias", as well as co-founding the Women's Leadership and Mentoring Alliance, which recruits senior women to mentor and support our younger women on their way up. Among all of that, Andie still found time in 2012 to found Andie K, a business through which she makes and sells one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry, and whose stated mission is to support charities that are empowering women and promoting gender equality.   Places to Find Andie: Interested in learning more? Check out Andie’s website here. Andie and Al’s first book, Breaking Through Bias, found here. Andie and Al’s book, It’s Not You It’s The Workplace, found here. Women’s Leadership and Mentor Alliance website. Andie K jewelry website.   Episode Topics: Andie’s upbringing and an upsetting introduction to the legal world. (2:30 minute) Andie’s motivation and early bias she herself faced. (4:30 minute) Evolution of gender bias in the workplace. (6:00 minute) Proactive role women can take in reducing the impact of this bias. (10:30 minute) Andie’s journey to go beyond her law work to the life of an entrepreneur. (13:00 minute) Her for-purpose jewelry company, Andie K. (16:30 minute) Founding of and the purpose behind the Women’s Leadership and Mentoring Alliance. (18:30 minute) Advantages of sponsorship inside and mentorship outside of your company. (22:00 minute) Time management when you have so many projects going at once. (24:00 minute) Topics covered in Andie’s two books [linked above]. (27:00 minute)
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