105: Elevate Yourself and Your Team with Robert Glazer
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This week’s guest is Robert Glazer. Robert is the founder & CEO of global performance marketing agency Acceleration Partners. His company has received numerous industry & company culture awards from Glassdoor, Ad Age, Entrepreneur, and Inc. Magazine.  Robert is the author of international bestseller Performance Partnerships, and is currently anticipating the release of his next book, Elevate which comes out on October 1st. Bob is a regular contributor for Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Inc., and his inspirational Friday Forward column is read by 100,000+ leaders around the world each week.    Where to follow Robert: To learn more about Robert you can visit this site just for listeners of Do Well & Do Good. You can find the sign up for Robert’s Friday Forward column here. His new book, Elevate, can be found here. Listen to the Elevate Podcast on any podcast platform.   In this episode we cover the following topics with Robert: 3:30 minute: What was life like for you growing up and what were the beliefs around money and success that were instilled in you growing up? Had familiar entrepreneurial path of pushing back on traditional academics. Found his love for learning in his early 20s.  6:30 minute: Did you recognize yourself as entrepreneurial when you were in High School or did that come when looking back later? Not until later. No entrepreneurial person in his orbit as a kid to know it was a thing. Parents both worked one job their entire lives, all children now own their own companies. 8:00 minute: For listeners building a business, what is it about you or the culture you created at your agency that led to all these awards for company culture? AP is a great place to work for a certain group of people, it isn’t a great culture for everyone which is a key part of the answer. Finding people that match your values, and know what those values are. “The things that we say we value, we value. We do what we say.” 12:45 minute: In looking to go from a higher six-figure business towards a 7-figure business where you are starting to do your first big hires, how do you make that first big step? Need vision, values, and goals and all three need to come with consistency and clarity. When you have that for 3 to 5 years out, those people coming in can know what they are working for and toward. 15:30 minute: You have a new book coming out called, Elevate. Who is this book for and what are people going to get from it? Based around the “Friday Four” columns he has written for a few years. Playbook or framework for self improvement. Breaks it down into areas that you can improve 1% a day. 18:10 minute: What are these four elements of capacity? First is spiritual. What are your values and what do you want most? Second is intellectual. How do you learn, plan, execute with discipline. “Upgrading your processor”. Third is physical. Your health and wellness. Fourth is emotional. How do you relate to the world around you? 22:45 minute: Say someone is looking at those four and thinking, “I’ve got to work on all of these”. Should they focus on one area at a time or try to do them all at once? Spiritual is a bigger, long-term project. The other three are just about doing the work to get better at it. You could start all of those in the same day.  Small incremental improvements really do add up.
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