The Psychology of Entrepreneurs with Ronsley Vaz
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This week’s guest is Ronsley Vaz. Ronsley is a speaker, author, and the Founder of Amplify, an award-winning content marketing agency. Ronsley is also a prolific podcaster who has over 4 million combined listeners.  Ronsley is the host of the new audio documentary The Psychology of Entrepreneurship, which brings insights from entrepreneurs and best selling authors together on a fascinating topic: what happens in the inner workings of the mind of an entrepreneur?  I believe it is an incredibly beneficial endeavor to really take some time and critically look at how our minds work. It is something that has really helped me in the past and continues to do so today.    In this episode we cover the following topics with Ronsley: [4:07] The Psychology of Entrepreneurship and what Ronsley is focusing on lately [7:05] Our thoughts determine our lives, but we have to follow through with effort [11:38] Our mental state affects more than just ourselves, and what “Imposter Syndrome” is [17:01] How Ronsley’s understanding of Impostor Syndrome has changed over time [19:03] The effects of stress and guilt on our mindset and feelings of self-worth [22:30] Psychology of Entrepreneurship is about what goes on in the mind of an entrepreneur [27:07] Where Ronsley and The Psychology of Entrepreneurship can be found   Where to Follow Ronsley: Amplify Psychology of Entrepreneurship Twitter for Ronsley LinkedIn for Ronsley Vaz Where to Find Dorothy: Join the email list and have a donation made on your behalf to a featured non-profit. You can join here, where you will also find a listener survey to fill us in on how we can bring you the most value! Follow Dorothy on Instagram @dorothyillson to keep up with episode premiers and all things Do Well and Do Good!
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