Finding Samantha: 04 – Catch me if you can
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With Samantha Azzopardi continuing to face police and judges, she fails to heed their warnings to change her behaviour. Instead, she continues to target people in Australia, then returns to Ireland before moving to another continent. And all the time, she’s creating new characters, new aliases and leaving new victims in her wake. Where is this all going to end up? (Ep4/7). Credits: Finding Samantha is written, recorded and produced by Sharon Davis in Australia and Tim Desmond and Nicoline Greer in Ireland. Soundtrack composed by Paddy Flynn. Sound Engineer is Damian Chennells. Executive Producer is Liam O’Brien. If you have any information or tips on this story, email us [email protected] For further information on the series visit Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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