Voting Rights Bill Dead On Arrival
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In a blow to voting rights, the Senate fails to change filibuster rules which would have would have brought back a “talking filibuster”, allowing the ‘Freedom to Vote Act’ and the ‘John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act’ to pass with a simple majority following debate in the House. In another defeat for the former president, the Supreme Court rejects Trump’s request to block January 6 Committee access to White House records. Plus, President Biden holds a news conference marking a year of 'challenges' and 'enormous progress' and calls out the GOP for constantly blocking his agenda, the White House clarifies Biden's remarks on how the U.S. would respond to a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis pushes a bill to shield anyone from 'discomfort' or ‘guilt’ over historic actions when teaching about race. To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
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