21. Upfront with Candice Brathwaite
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Thanks to Nike we’ve caught up with Olympic athlete mothers and gold champion medalists, so it’s only right that this week we get upfront with the front runner of Black motherhood, best selling author, presenter and change maker, Candice Braithwaite. This episode Candice reveals the truth about living life in the public eye, talks openly about her traumatic birth experience and shares why being an outspoken dark skinned black woman comes with a price. (Yep, we discuss that documentary.) This woman keeps it 100. We felt enlivened and emboldened by her energy and know that you will too.    ⚠️ Trigger warning, this episode contains content that some listeners may find upsetting. www.blackmumsupfront.com⁣ Hosts:⁣ https://instagram.com/blackmumsupfront https://instagram.com/brownstown29 https://instagram.com/nanaadwoambeutcha https://instagram.com/natsduv https://instagram.com/from_the_endz
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