The trio celebrates the success of their library project, and Nikki lands the lab partner of her dreams. 
Published 06/15/20
After the awful art competition fiasco, Nikki considers transferring schools, but her friends have a surprise for her. 
Published 06/12/20
Disaster strikes for Nikki on the morning of the schoolwide art competition. 
Published 06/08/20
The trio’s library project gets out of hand and drives a wrench in their friendship. 
Published 06/05/20
Nikki’s art skills gain her, Zoey, and Chloe unexpected popularity with the CCP (Cool, Cute, and Popular) group. 
Published 06/01/20
Nikki ends up at MacKenzie’s house right before her birthday bash for all the wrong reasons. 
Published 05/29/20
Nikki starts working on an art project that catches Brandon’s attention. 
Published 05/25/20
The three BFFs totally embarrass themselves during their ballet skills test.
Published 05/22/20
Nikki, Chloe, and Zoey brainstorm ways to convince the school librarian to take them on a special five-day field trip to NYC.
Published 05/18/20
Nikki’s friends help her recover after an embarrassing moment in front of her crush.
Published 05/15/20
Nikki decides to take on MacKenzie in the schoolwide art competition, and in return, MacKenzie pulls a nasty prank.
Published 05/11/20
Nikki daydreams about her new crush Brandon and meets her soon-to-be-BFFs Chloe and Zoey.
Published 05/08/20
Nikki tries to follow her grandmother’s advice and stand up to MacKenzie.
Published 05/04/20
Nikki meets MacKenzie—the school’s most popular mean girl—and her group of snobby friends.
Published 05/01/20
Nikki’s epic battle with her mom for a cool new phone doesn’t go as planned.
Published 04/27/20
Introducing Nikki Maxwell—eighth grader, chronic doodler, and self-proclaimed dork with big dreams. She can’t wait to share her secrets with you in the new Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So Fabulous Life podcast launching April 27!
Published 04/20/20