Hogenstein, a Spooky Halloween Tale
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It’s aliiiive!! Deep in the Foreshadow, the ever-dark lands of Once Upon a Time, lived Hogenstein, the infamous warthog scientist who invented “It’s Alive No. 5!” Using this freaky formula, a lightning rod and a fierce thunderstorm, he and his loyal lab assistant, Lugo the bat, brought a super creature to life. Muahahaha! But wait…that’s not what’s so terrifying about this tale—the scariest part is when the creature goes out into the world alone to face his fears. PARENTS, TEACHERS AND HOMESCHOOLERS: This is our reimagining of the classic, “Frankenstein,” where facing one’s fears is scarier than a spooky story. In our version, the creature goes out into the world on his own, tries things he has never tried before, and has the courage to never give up. He kept trying his best, even when the townspeople judged him before he had the chance to show them his big heart. Go to the episode webpage: https://jonincharacter.com/hogenstein-a-halloween-tale/ For more Halloween listening, try Sleepy Hallow’s Eve: https://jonincharacter.com/sleepy-hallows-eve/ Visit the Dorktales Storytime Podcast website: https://jonincharacter.com/dorktales-storytime-podcast/ CREDITS: This episode has been a Jonincharacter production. Today’s story was written by Amy Thompson, and edited by Molly Murphy. All characters performed by Jonathan Cormur. Sound recording and production by Jermaine Hamilton at Hamilton Studio Recordings. PODFRIENDS:  We want to introduce you to another kids podcast we think you’ll enjoy: Armchair Adventures! It’s a super-fun and a little bit bonkers series for kids aged 6-10. Find more on their website and @armchairadventuresuk on Instagram. Support the showREACH OUT! Tweet us @dorktalesstory Email us at [email protected] DM us on Instagram @dorktalesstorytime Newsletter/Free Resources: https://bit.ly/dorktalesplus-signup Now, go be the hero of your own story and we’ll see you next once-upon-a-time!
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