Once Upon a Time – Dorktales Theme Song!
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“It’s a beautiful day for a story, adventure and glory, new friends, and old ones too!” We’re very excited to bring you, dear listeners, our original theme song, performed by the Folktale Forest’s resident bird band, the Branch Sisters. The lyrics are a tribute to YOU, our dork squad, who join Jonathan and Mr. Redge each episode as they set sail on adventures through the imagination—taking you to a “brand, new world with twists and turns and lessons learned, and journeys most exhilarating.” Thank you for helping us bring joy, magic, and good stories into the world! AVAILABLE ON BANDCAMP: https://dorktalesstorytime.bandcamp.com/music AVAILABLE ON BUY ME A COFFEE: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/dorktales/e/94779 FIND LYRICS on the episode webpage: https://jonincharacter.com/once-upon-a-time-dorktales-theme-song/ CREDITS: This episode has been a Jonincharacter production. Our show intro was written by Molly Murphy and performed by Jonathan Cormur. Our theme song was written, produced, and performed by Molly Murphy, and engineered & mixed by Andrew Sheron at Conveyor Studios in New York City. The song also features vocals from Monique Hafen Adams and Kristin Schmitz, drums from Phil Harris, and bass, piano, and additional instruments from Andrew Sheron. Sound recording and production by Jermaine Hamilton at Hamilton Studios.  Support the showREACH OUT! Tweet us @dorktalesstory Email us at [email protected] DM us on Instagram @dorktalesstorytime Newsletter/Free Resources: https://bit.ly/dorktalesplus-signup Now, go be the hero of your own story and we’ll see you next once-upon-a-time!
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