Kids are on spring break in the midst of a pandemic. Who is the blame, the kids of the parents? Also, what do we do at the border? Is the Biden administration at the fault for the undocumented people wanting to get in.
Published 03/22/21
Today's topic looks at the influx of immigration without going thru the legal channels. We will continue our talk with Jose Sanchez, an Immigration Attorney in the DFW area, to discuss how the immigration challenges should be addressed.
Published 03/01/21
Garrett and Mack discuss surviving the Snowstorm of the century that hit Texas. And touch on how Ted Cruz let his kids decide on when to take a family vacation. Let's talk lights out, water off, and now what?
Published 02/22/21
Join Garrett and Mack as they reminisce on childhood stories of their own lives and those of their sons.
Published 02/15/21
Winter is here, the days are long and grief with depression has set in. Whether you are experiencing death or sickness, or just life fatigue, coping with grief from it all is a process.
Published 01/25/21
The origins of Lift Every Voice and Sing also referred to as the Negro National Anthem and HBCUs are highlighted on today's show. Graduates of HBCUs are making themselves know in Washington, D.C., and around the country as movers and shakers.
Published 01/18/21
Plotting to overthrow the government, who is responsible for treason, and what should happen to the occupants of the White House and how soon. All these questions will be discussed by Garrett and Mack with a lively discussion on our government response.
Published 01/11/21
Established in 1989, the vision of The Alliance is to be the preeminent organization helping youth achieve academic excellence and reach their highest potential.
Published 01/04/21
Dr. Hamaria Crockett is a career counselor and published author that will discuss how to make the thru the end of the year strong professionally, and how to recover from the changes in the workplace post-Covid.
Published 12/21/20
With the COVID-19 virus vaccination coming to a doctor's office near you, are people taking the chance to attend functions, such as church or even mall shopping because they can soon be vaccinated? Is the risk worth the reward?
Published 12/07/20
It's the holiday season and sometimes we are not all happy. Rainbows and sprinkles are not dancing in your head...in fact, can I put my head under the covers and say "F*** it today." We are all in this together.
Published 11/30/20
SOOOOO we have made it to the holidays and we are ready for family...no we are not! Stay your butt at home.
Published 11/23/20
Do you know where you stand with your credit score right now? Important facts to know how COVID and assistance you have received could affect your credit score and future loan outcomes.
Published 11/16/20
Do you know where you stand with your credit score right now? Important facts to know how COVID and assistance you have received could affect your credit score and future loan outcomes.
Published 11/16/20
With the battle for the White House over and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris scoring a huge victory by winning the Electoral College and the popular vote, the clocking is ticking on closing out the national nightmare that has engulfed this country for 3.
Published 11/09/20
Garrett and Macionk will be discussing the upcoming election. What, from their perspective, is non the horizon.
Published 11/02/20
Today Garrett and Mack will talk about news, politics and other topics that have been happening over the last two weeks. They will discuss the past weekend's games and other smart topics for the day.
Published 10/26/20
If last week caught your attention as Chong Kim engaged us with the dramatic escape and survival from a life in human trafficking then join us this week as she takes questions live and from listeners who have emailed looking for answers.
Published 10/19/20
Speaking with Chong Kim, the victim turned survivor and now an advocate of Human Trafficking. Garrett and Mack perform a deep dive into the industry of Human RTrafficking with Chong and discuss the expanse of the growing business of Human trafficking.
Published 10/12/20
Ever wonder what the mom's do when not supporting their sons on the field. Listen to the Garrett and Mack show to catch up with Gwen Jenkins, mom of Malcolm Jenkins (Saints), and Mary Nassib, mom of Carl Nassib (Las Vegas).
Published 10/05/20
The first show to introduce Garrett and Mack to the radio audience. Two NFL mom that offer insight and introspection to football and sports, while throwing in a dose of reality on current events and topics.
Published 09/28/20