I Had Insomnia & Fixed It with This
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Poor sleep can happen for many reasons. Maybe it’s due to a new supplement, high-stress levels, or not eating or drinking enough throughout the day. When I experienced a week of insomnia, I pinpointed the cause fairly quickly: my air purifier stopped working. Air purifiers can help lighten allergen load, filter harmful chemicals, and remove mold spores from the air. Tune in to hear how fixing my air purifier and ensuring my house had good air quality got me back to sleeping through the night.  https://www.drruscio.com/i-had-insomnia-and-fixed-it-with-this  My book Healthy Gut, Healthy You is available at https://drruscio.com/getgutbook  If you're in need of clinical support, please visit https://ruscioinstitute.com  Looking for more? Check out https://drruscio.com/resources 
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