Audiobook Part 77: Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life: Living By Bending
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On the three-year anniversary of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s transition, join us in celebrating his legacy with a special podcast of his audiobook, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao. Take a deep dive into the Tao Te Ching and discover the “greatest sense of peace” Wayne ever experienced through his narrated words. Offer ends September 3rd.   Continue your journey! Watch Wayne's Public Television Special, Forever Wisdom, FREE for a limited time at
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Learn how to follow your dharma and live your purpose today with Dr. Wayne Dyer. Listen in as he talks about increasing your prosperity and finding more meaning in your life simply by changing the way you think. Dr. Wayne Dyer also gives you a preview of his upcoming Maui workshop!
Published 02/02/20
Dr. Wayne Dyer shares the story of Kaye O'Bara and her devotion to her comatose daughter Edwarda, which trancends our own experiences of love. It reminds us to look within and see where we can give unconditionally.
Published 01/26/20
We all have a dharma, a reason for being here on this earth. Dr.Wayne Dyer discusses how to recognize our dharma and work towards getting into alignment with what we are supposed to be doing. When you bring yourself into alignment with your dharma and pay attention to the voice inside the right...
Published 01/19/20