Drew And Mike – October 27, 2021
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* The Hawk takes over, the Billionaire Tax, Righteous Rick: Candyman, Tiger King 2, American Crime Story: Impeachment, listeners in the Cayman Islands, and we do a wellness check on Count David Wimp.* The Hawk is doing freelance voice work for us today since our drops are broken.* Deshaun Watson is holding all the cards with his career and crimes.* Nick Rolovich lost his head coaching gig with Washington State for refusing the jab despite his states mandate. ESPN tries to figure out what happened.* Bill Gates is apparently the greatest villain in human history. * Dave Grohl is doing something again. This time at the House of Blues... Cleveland.* Drew is sad he can't hear Brown Sugar at the Stones concert.* Righteous Rick is selling candy and beef jerky on Facebook. We find out why.* Adam Levine was assaulted on stage by a fan and now he's seen as an elitist.* We try another wellness check on Count David Wimp to get his take on Gibbs leaving NCIS.* Zooves is wearing a mask indoors right now, but no word on if he does so in the bath.* Floyd the Barber and FDR were polio pioneers.* We all grieve differently. Jayne Rivera does so by posting sexy pictures of herself next to her dad's corpse.* RIP former Detroit Lion Mike Lucci.* Hilarious Baldwin's podcast has been canceled.* Matthew Stafford was mic'd up this past Sunday.* Kobe Bryant's wife had to find out ...
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* Happy Thanksgiving weekend, Grammy nominations, Astronaut Strahan, Waukesha murderer rings the right doorbell, WATP Karl joins us, a Bonerline, and the last chance to get our merch... forever.* Happy Thanksgiving! Big Sean will perform halftime at the Detroit Lions game. Michigan will face Ohio...
Published 11/24/21
Published 11/24/21
* Gary Hoey joins us & Eli stops by, cheap shot LeBron, Waukesha parade attack, RIP John O'Leary, Janet Jackson's "Malfunction" doc, the death of Arturo Gatti, Smithers comes out on The Simpson's, and the AMAs prove we're old.* Wisconsin can't catch a break as a Christmas parade (in...
Published 11/23/21