#1 Fighting the Fakes – Aline Plançon
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Dive into the lucrative but deadly business of falsified medicines with former Interpol officer Aline Plançon.
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Spontaneous reports of adverse drug reactions are a common source of evidence in pharmacovigilance, but as the science evolves, so do the types of data used to find and assess signals. Uppsala Monitoring Centre’s Daniele Sartori reviews how signal detection practices have changed over time. Tune...
Published 02/23/23
Most pharmacovigilance professionals will have heard of masking – a statistical issue where reports for one drug hide signals for other drugs. But the problem gained fresh attention when record amounts of reports began piling up for the COVID-19 vaccines. How should we be unmasking data in the...
Published 01/26/23
Published 01/26/23