Top 9 Worst New Shonen Jump Manga of 2020: the Year of Cops | Manga Mosaic
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It’s time to look back on the 2020 #JumpStart roster and count down our bottom 9! Join Wensleydale and HovinwithanH as they lose their minds over Bone Collection and discuss how this year’s manga just had too many cops. Look forward to the top 9 next month! CW: discussion of pedophilia, rape, police brutality and queerphobia, somehow. Anchor // Youtube // Spotify // Apple Podcasts // Podbean // Breaker // Overcast // Radiopublic // Pocketcast // Podbay // // Listennotes // Castro // Google Podcasts // Patreon // Twitter // Wensleydale's Twitter // Hovin’s Twitter // Hovin's Hideaway Podcast // Twitch // Composer's Soundcloud // World Trigger Abridged Channel 9. Burn the Witch 2:22 8. Sakamoto Days 6:05 7. Zipman 8:14 6. Moriking 8:58 5. Our Blood Oath 10:26 4. Bone Collection 13:37 3. High School Family 20:29 2. Build King 21:34 1. Hard-boiled Cop and Dolphin 23:46 Reference list
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