49 I-m a girl Guide--鹅妈妈童谣精选英语启蒙
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更多英语启蒙儿歌、早教课程,尽在【早教学堂】公众号 I am a Girl Guide dressed in blue, These are the actions I must do: Salute to the king, Curtsey to the queen, And turn my back to the washing-machine. 我是个穿蓝制服的小女向导, 这些事情是我得做的; 向国王王举手敬礼,对皇后鞠躬致意 然后转身背对着洗衣机。
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更多英语启蒙儿歌、早教课程,尽在【早教学堂】公众号 Little boy blue, come blow your horn, The sheep’s in the meadow, The cow’s  in the corn. Where is the boy who looks after the sheep? He’s under a haycock fast asleep. Will you wake him? No, not I. For if I do, He’s sure to...
Published 05/09/21
更多英语启蒙儿歌、早教课程,尽在【早教学堂】公众号 Will you come to my party, Will you come? Bring your own bread and butter and a bun; Mrs Murphy will be there, Tossing peanuts in the air, Will you come to my party, Will you come? RSVP. 你会来我的派对吗?  你会來吗? 带你自己的面包、奶油和一個小餐包; 莫菲太太会在那,  把花生抛到空中, 你会来我的派对吗? 你会來吗?  请尽早答复。
Published 05/09/21
更多英语启蒙儿歌、早教课程,尽在【早教学堂】公众号 Simple Simon met a pieman, Going to the fair; Says simple Simon to the pieman, Let me taste your ware. Says the pieman to simple Simon, Show me first your penny; Says simple Simon to the pieman, Indeed, I have not any....
Published 05/09/21