#224 Body Mass Index! What You Need To Know.
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Has your doctor ever told you that your BMI is in the ‘obese’ level? Or maybe that you are ‘underweight” according to your BMI? Well this can be shocking to hear! But is it possible this information is not all that accurate in assessing if you are healthy? Find out in this week’s podcast episode.
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It’s that time again when my clients and followers ASK ME ANYTHING! In this episode you will find out everything from my favorite dessert (or do I even eat dessert), if I workout on vacations, if all my clients listen to me and more! An episode you will not want to miss.
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Are you ready to hit the gym? But worried it might not be safe due to COVID? Well, before you head back, I want you to make the most informed decision possible! In this episode I will discuss all the things your gym should be doing to maximize protection.
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