#228 Ask Me Anything
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It’s that time again when my clients and followers ASK ME ANYTHING! In this episode you will find out everything from my favorite dessert (or do I even eat dessert), if I workout on vacations, if all my clients listen to me and more! An episode you will not want to miss.
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Let’s face it...Summer gets a little crazy and our schedule is usually way off track when it comes to workouts and nutrition. But do you really want to be up 5-10 pounds by Fall? If you follow these 5 tips, I think it will make all the difference! And then I will tell you how to NOT gain weight ...
Published 05/23/21
Have you ever heard about Heart Rate Training or perhaps Polarized Training? These can seem confusing because there is a lot of information out there on the internet! But they actually can be pretty effective ways of working out (especially if you are a runner). Check out this week’s podcast...
Published 05/16/21