Plate Tectonics (part 1)
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We exhaust our repertoire of tectonic plate jokes while introducing the following topics: the earth’s layers, what are tectonic plates, three types of plate boundaries, plate boundaries vs faults, and how earthquakes happen. This is a brief overview to lay the groundwork. (… pun intended!) Future episodes will dive deeper. INTERACTIVE LESSON We explain how to use the QuakeFeed app to locate plate boundaries and faults on the Quake Map. Download QuakeFeed from the App Store ASK THE SCIENCE KID We answer an interesting question about earthquakes in Antarctica. Our goal is to inspire CURIOSITY! We hope you and your family enjoy our lighthearted humor while learning something new about this AWESOME planet we call home. LINKS TO LEARN MORE The Great ShakeOut: Join 14+ million people on October 21st by practicing how to be safer during earthquakes. IRIS Earthquake Science: Earthquake Faults, Plate Boundaries, & Stress USGS: Do earthquakes occur in Antarctica? USGS: Listening to the Earth at the South Pole (QSPA)
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Published 10/18/21
*NOT A FULL EPISODE* Just a quick announcement about QuakeFeed v5.1.0, available now in the App Store. This update adds three new features: USA Wildfires, Map Legend, and Aftershock Forecasts. The USA Wildfires data layer requires a QuakeFeed Premium subscription. While viewing the map, tap on a...
Published 07/26/21
You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn how to protect yourself in an earthquake! When the shaking starts, what should you do? We use a bit of humor to help you remember that Drop, Cover and Hold On reduces your chance of injury in an earthquake. We also dispel some common myths about earthquake...
Published 05/05/21