The Shadow Club #11: Fighting Cats and Fighting Bulls
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Buy me a coffee to say thank you for the podcast! === Ricky's family goes on holiday to Spain, but all his parents want to do is look around cathedrals. Willow is sad, and Ricky realises that his parents have taken away her Fighting Cats books, so he asks them why. Later on, he gets a text from Larry with some very exciting news... Today's story is The Shadow Club. This is chapter eleven, Fighting Cats and Fighting Bulls. Go to for the full transcript. Level: Pre-Intermediate. Genre: Action. New Vocabulary: Echo, Apparently, Copy (Media), Share a look, Get the feeling, An escape, Through gritted teeth, Fluent, Foundation programme, Football academy. Setting: Modern. Word Count: 1929. Author: Ariel Goodbody. If you enjoy the podcast, please consider supporting me on Patreon. For just a few dollars a month you can get extra episodes, conversational podcasts, exercises, and much more. Support Easy Stories in English by contributing to their Tip Jar:
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