FINDING YOUR FOCUS - with Frank Caliendo
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You are gonna LAUGH so hard and LEARN a ton w @frankcaliendo from ESPN, FOX NFL Sunday, and MadTV, and stages all over the world If you want to be a MAXOUT Achiever, you must get LASER FOCUSED on your goals! Here with me today is the epitome of a TRUE HUSTLER and an excellent example of someone who gave ALL of their FOCUS and ENERGY to something they love. Get ready for this gut-busting interview with Frank Caliendo! You wanna see me laugh my ass off? You gotta see this! At times you are gonna forget its Frank and think your listening/watching Morgan Freeman, Donald Trump, John Madden, George W Bush or Jon Gruden! Frank is an expert on communication, both one on one and on the stage. Somebody who is an expert at studying people and how to get them to respond in a particular way. It’s a fascinating and entertaining combination that you will have never seen or heard before. In this episode, find out exactly what it takes to maintain a laser-sharp focus and the effects that it can have on your career and in your entire life and learn how to become a MASTER COMMUNICATOR from one of the best impersonators and comedians in the world. We’re also diving deep into how social media can GROW or HURT your business or your career and what you need to be doing right now to book more clients, sign more deals and be more SUCCESSFUL! Are you ready to LAUGH? Are you ready to get LASER FOCUSED? Are you ready to ACHIEVE your DREAMS?
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