Friends growing apart happens, but creatures crashing a fantasy convention… not so much.  Five high schoolers bonded over the Bloodthirsty Hearts novel series turned slightly-erotic movie franchise as kids, and now it’s what brings them back together for the first-ever fan convention. However, what starts as fun and games quickly turns into a fight-for-your-life event as creatures from the same universe invade. Will the childhood friends be able to work past their differences and survive the...
Published 07/07/22
Created by Vanya Asher (Netflix's Shadow and Bone), ELECTRIC EASY is a forbidden love story between a runaway android & the human sent to hunt her down. This show will empower you to live your life as your authentic self. And make you want to sing from the rooftops. The star-studded cast includes Kesha, Chloe Bailey, Mason Gooding, Benito "Benny Drama" Skinner, Detox and more! Follow Electric Easy on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. Electric Easy is presented...
Published 08/30/21
"One time I sat on a large dog, but neither of us were into that." Edith's Presidency is finally slipping away, but that won't stop her from making one last power grab, but can she still function without Trudie by her side?
Published 08/05/21
Published 08/05/21
"If I’m going to hit rock bottom, I’m not doing in front of you of all people." Edith is just hours from passing the League of Nations and securing Woodrow's legacy. And all Woodrow needs to do is get through one tiny little speech in front of the Senate.
Published 07/29/21
"The White House loves giving out phony titles to socialites and friends! I know this one guy, they called him Secretary of the Interior." The long awaited vote on the League of Nations is just days away, and President Wilson is back in charge. And Edith is... thrilled? Yeah, let's go with thrilled.
Published 07/22/21
"People will applaud anything as long as you end it with the words, ‘America,’ and ‘Thank you.’” After weeks of bad press surrounding the departure of Secretary Lansing, Edith has no choice but to help orchestrate America's very first Presidential puff piece.
Published 07/15/21
"Do you think they’ll ever stop calling it New Mexico? You know, when it’s been around for a while?" After weeks of rumors about the President's health, a cowboy Senator stops by the White House to see for himself. Unluckily for Edith, he isn't the only surprise guest today.
Published 07/08/21
"Yeah, you’re right. Ghosts don’t exist. And you can’t be in love with them." A decades-old sex scandal finally bubbles back to the surface, and Edith is left with no choice but to meet Woodrow's former lover face to face.
Published 07/01/21
"This is the Navy. We don’t let thousands of foreigners get slaughtered unless it’s in America’s best interest." Unbeknownst to the public, America has a brand new president. But an international incident might plunge the country back into war before Edith can even veto her first bill.
Published 06/24/21
"Waging a war against half the globe has been really stressful for me." Sure World War I is over, but the brutal war inside the White House has only just begun. And the unelected traitor in the President's midst might not be who you think it is. Edith! is sponsored by Betterhelp. You deserve inner peace... no really, you do! Visit betterhelp.com/edith to get 10% off your first month. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Published 06/21/21
Rosamund Pike stars as Edith Wilson in "Edith!" a scripted comedy podcast exploring the untold true-ish story of America's secret First Female President, from Gonzalo Cordova and Travis Helwig. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Published 06/21/21