Men Like Myself | Episode 5
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"People will applaud anything as long as you end it with the words, ‘America,’ and ‘Thank you.’” After weeks of bad press surrounding the departure of Secretary Lansing, Edith has no choice but to help orchestrate America's very first Presidential puff piece.
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Created by Vanya Asher (Netflix's Shadow and Bone), ELECTRIC EASY is a forbidden love story between a runaway android & the human sent to hunt her down. This show will empower you to live your life as your authentic self. And make you want to sing from the rooftops. The star-studded cast...
Published 08/30/21
"One time I sat on a large dog, but neither of us were into that." Edith's Presidency is finally slipping away, but that won't stop her from making one last power grab, but can she still function without Trudie by her side?
Published 08/05/21
"If I’m going to hit rock bottom, I’m not doing in front of you of all people." Edith is just hours from passing the League of Nations and securing Woodrow's legacy. And all Woodrow needs to do is get through one tiny little speech in front of the Senate.
Published 07/29/21