Deploying Elixir - EMx 131
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Chuck and Allen dive into how and where to deploy Elixir and Phoenix applications. They talk through the mostly done for you solutions like Gigalixir and Heroku down to deploying by script to server or VPS hosting like DigitalOcean all the way to building containers and deploying to Kubernetes setups like AWS or DigitalOcean's cloud setup. There are a lot of great options and many of them depend on how much of the work you want to do and how much learning curve you want to take on. Allen and Chuck discuss the tradeoffs of each choice in those regards. Panel Allen Wyma Charles Max Wood Sponsors Dev Influencers Accelerator Links DigitalOcean Sentry Raygun | Click here to get started on your free 14-day trial  Gigalixir Deploying Phoenix - YouTube Heroku Docker GitHub | edeliver/edeliver GitLab Picks Allen- Concurrent Data Processing in Elixir Charles- Who Not How Charles- Procrastinate on Purpose Charles- Focus Blocks Contact Allen: Plangora  Plangora Limited Plangora – YouTube Plangora | Facebook Tech_Plangora Limited_Elixir | Instagram Twitter: Plangora ( @Plangora ) LinkedIn: Plangora – Web and Mobile Development Plangora – Reddit Flying High With Flutter Flying High With Flutter Flying High with Flutter – YouTube Flying High with Flutter | Facebook Flying High With Flutter | Instagram Twitter: Flying High with Flutter ( @fhwflutter ) Teach Me Code Teach Me Code Teach Me Code | Facebook TeachMeCode | Instagram Contact Charles: | Facebook Twitter: ( @devchattv )
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This week, the panel gets in and talks about Elixir is not just a specialty language for high concurrency applications with specific performance profiles. They dive into how Elixir can be used in a variety of cases and how it is set up as a language that allows you to solve the breadth of...
Published 07/27/21
Shortcode: The panel talks about how to manage state in Elixir applications. Sometimes you can get away with internal structures like gen servers and ETS and other times you have to reach to external systems like redis, mongodb, or postgreSQL. This episode will walk you through the ins and...
Published 07/21/21
Luca Peppe built a health check and heartbeat system for the systems at work in Elixir. While the implementation uses many basic features from Elixir and Phoenix, the way that it underscores the fundamentals of Elixir is helpful for both the experienced and the new Elixir...
Published 07/14/21