Pluralsight, Courses, and Elixir the Big Picture ft. AJ Foster - EMx 144
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AJ Foster is a developer at Pluralsight. He talks about the course he made for Pluralsight about Elixir and then talks about how Elixir was brought into Pluralsight, both into their catalog of courses as well as into the tech stack for the company. Panel Allen Wyma Eric Bolikowski Sascha Wolf  Guest AJ Foster Sponsors Dev Influencers Accelerator Level Up | Links Elixir: The Big Picture Keith Elder - Building A Highly Scalable Service that Survived A Super Bowl | Code BEAM SF 19 Elixir Diff Erlang - heart PRINCIPLES OF CHAOS ENGINEERING GitHub: AJ Foster ( aj-foster ) Twitter: AJ Foster ( @Austin_J_Foster ) Picks AJ- GitHub | aj-foster/absinthe-socket-transport AJ- FIRST Allen- Keith Elder - Building A Highly Scalable Service that Survived A Super Bowl | Code BEAM SF 19 Allen- Zero To Production In Rust Eric- Hardcore Zen Sascha- Erlang in Anger Contact Allen: Plangora  Plangora Limited Plangora – YouTube Plangora | Facebook Tech_Plangora Limited_Elixir | Instagram Twitter: Plangora ( @Plangora ) LinkedIn: Plangora – Web and Mobile Development Plangora – Reddit Flying High With Flutter Flying High With Flutter Flying High with Flutter – YouTube Flying High with Flutter | Facebook Flying High With Flutter | Instagram Twitter: Flying High with Flutter ( @fhwflutter ) Teach Me Code Teach Me Code Teach Me Code | Facebook TeachMeCode | Instagram Contact Eric: LinkedIn: Eric Bolikowski Contact Sascha: Sascha Wolf
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