Podcast 835: Syncope Review
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Contributor: Meghan Hurley, MD Educational Pearls: Syncope is defined as a loss of consciousness with an immediate return to baseline Differential is broad Cardiogenic Structural (aortic stenosis, HOCUM, etc.) Electrical (long QT syndrome, Brugada, etc.) Neurogenic/neurovascular (brain bleed, etc.) Seizure Everything else Hypoglycemia, anemia, and bleeding into the abdominal cavity are some potential causes to rule out Vasovagal Diagnosis of exclusion Work Up EKG Good H&P Labs especially Hb and glucose References Morris J. Emergency department management of syncope. Emerg Med Pract. Jun 2021;23(6):1-24. Reed MJ. Approach to syncope in the emergency department. Emerg Med J. Feb 2019;36(2):108-116. doi:10.1136/emermed-2018-207767   Summarized by Mark O’Brien, MS4 | Edited by John Spartz, MD, & Erik Verzemnieks, MD In an effort to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in Emergency Medicine, The Emergency Medical Minute is proud to present our 2nd annual Diversity and Inclusion Award. We support increasing the representation of underrepresented groups in medicine and extend this award to individuals applying to emergency medicine residencies during the 2022-2023 cycle. For information on award eligibility and the application process, visit https://emergencymedicalminute.com/edi-award/ Donate to EMM today!
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