Ep. 183 - Climate action: how you can support as coach and leader
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Climate change is now much much in our collective consciousness - and many coaches, leaders are asking 'what is mine to do?' or 'is climate change something I can support?' In this episode we interview Charly Cox, Co-founder of Climate Coaching who shares her experiences, wisdom, knowledge, and how we as coaches and leaders can be and lead in ways that take care of self, support others and the planet. Charly Cox:   Charly Cox is the Co-Founder of Climate Change Coaches, whose team teaches organisations and professionals to use powerful coaching skills to overcome powerlessness and engage people better, to accelerate their action on climate change. Charly is an accredited coach (ICF PCC) and the recipient of the Coaching at Work Editor’s Award for Contributions to Climate Coaching. Listen to Jeanine and Charly in Empower World Coaching and Leadership Podcast Episode. 183
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