[INTERVIEW] Navigating STRUGGLE, DOUBT & Seasons of Uncertainty w/ Amber Lilyestrom
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Today’s episode is SUPER raw & I think is REALLY going to resonate with you! I brought on Amber Lilyestrom to really dive DEEP into navigating TOUGH seasons of doubt, uncertainty, and the struggle through different chapters. If you in particular have also gone through or are currently in a fertility journey, Amber's story is going to leave you so inspired and filled with hope, perspective, and to not give up on your dream. This is a powerful conversation, and I can't wait to hear what you think!  &&& as mentioned in today’s episode:    It’s SO  important it is for me to direct women like YOU (who might also be entrepreneurs) to resources and PEOPLE that can help support them.... Which is why I wanted to make sure you know about Amber's business program which is built off the premise of: HELPING MORE PEOPLE, MAKING MORE MONEY & HAVING MORE FUN.  & truly NOBODY teaches business quite like Amber so if you are looking for someone to take your hand & help you build the business of your dreams… I truly couldn't recommend her more!  Check out her "Ignite Your Business" program & if you use this link below you also get $200 OFF!  HOLLAAA! + Amber and I are doing a FREE Q&A giving you ALL THE JUICE business call with you in January too!!!  All the deets are here:  https://www.amberlilyestrom.com/kacia  Special thank you to today’s show sponsor Soul Wellness! Soul CBD. My personal fav is their epic night time specific gummies (Sleepi) which are a recipe for sleeping like a CHAMP but waking up feeling SUPER alert, my favvvv… & of course signature CBD drops – I like to just put a drop of the peppermint flavor under my tongue so great to take off the edge if you’re feeling anxious at all! If you want to try any of the products for yourself, snag 15% off if you head to:  http://mysoulcbd.com/kacia  To connect with Amber  Her personal account on Instagram: amberlilyestrom Check out her podcast: “The Amber Lilyestrom Show”  & all the fun stuff on her website: http://www.amberlilyestrom.com plus her “Ignite Your Business” program https://www.amberlilyestrom.com/kacia 
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