[HIS & HER] What problem do you want more?
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In today’s episode I brought on my husband Seena, and we are talking about how we navigate PROBLEMS. Because as we know, life will never be perfect, but what if we looked at our problems as a way to STRENGTHEN us so we can become more RESILIENT. We have to believe in our ability to figure things out, and we can only do that through facing situations that force us to figure out ups and downs. Cannot WAIT to hear what you think!!!  Also– as mentioned in today’s episode: We have a brand new show sponsor that I want to loop you in on! If you were at empowerHER Live, you might be familiar with clearstem skincare! I have been using their products since 2018 and am obsessed. Legit I use their cleanser, scrub, moisturizer, botox serum & sunscreen because all of their products are both Anti-Aging and Anti-Acne with zero hormones disruptors or toxins.  Seriously an INCREDIBLE line & right now you can get 15%  off ANY item in their store if you head to www.clearstemskincare.com & use code “KACIA” can’t wait to hear what you think!  Also— are you on my FREE PUMP UP INSPO TEXT LIST yet?  I send out inspo texts every Sunday evening and then randomly throughout the week!  To join just text a unicorn emoji to  (512) 548-2728 and join for free!  Oh & PS– are we connected on Instagram yet?  Come say hi!  My personal account→ @kacia.ghetmiri  The Podcast Account  --->  @empowerHER.podcast Seena’s account→ Seena Ghetmiri Ghet Investing Podcast @ghet.investing.podcast 
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