[PEP TALK] Is it time for a LANE CHANGE?
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Today we’re digging into a JUICY topic all about matching your GOALS to your SPEED for what you need to be moving at in THIS season of your life. Because we know it’s not helpful to compare ourselves to other people and their goals or their speed but it’s also important to not compare ourselves to our OWN SELVES against a prior version when the circumstances are now different. If you are feeling a MISALIGNMENT in your SPEED right now (whether it’s you need to CRANK IT UP a notch OR SLOW IT DOWN) this is episode is going to be your jam!!  As mentioned in this episode:  I wanted to thank you SO FREAKING MUCH because we are officially celebrating 8 MILLION DOWNLOADS of this podcast which is absolutely UNREAL!! I started this podcast just over 4 years ago with the intention of it being a “COME WITH ME, let’s figure out LIFE together” type of show…. And here we are. This community is just SO unreal so I really wanted to celebrate WITH YOU!  We are doing an EPIC GIVEAWAY— head over to Instagram & check out all of the deets!  My personal account→ @kacia.ghetmiri  The Podcast Account  --->  @empowerHER.podcast & thank you again SO much for your support!!! 
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