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In today’s episode, I want to give you some insight into my current season of life, and remind you that it’s ok to CHANGE YOUR MIND. I think it's so important to detach the OUTCOME from the ACTIONS you’re taking as you're navigating different seasons and finding CLARITY as things change, and that it's a good thing that we are always EVOLVING into different versions of ourselves. I think this is going to pump you up to lean into the pivots you know in your heart you need to make, and I can’t wait to hear what you think! SPECIAL thank you to our sponsor ORGANIFI!  Have you checked them out yet?  SO many amazing products you can check out for Organifi that YOU will love while also supporting the show!  You can head to  www.organifi.com/kacia  CODE KACIA saves you 20% OFF ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS! If you snag the green juice (which I mentioned why I loved in today’s episode)  or something else, definitely let me know! I always love hearing what you think!! Are you interested in connecting with other women that listen into this show IN PERSON? If so….  You’ve got to check out our large 3 day personal growth event!!  EmpowerHER Live (this year in Denver September 22-24th) which tickets JUST went on sale May 1st and we’ve currently got EARLY bird pricing!! Text the word “EVENT”  to (512) 548-2728 to get all the deets or head to www.empowerherlive2023.com to snag YOUR ticket & join us!  Oh & one more PS– are you & I connected on Instagram yet?  If not, come say hi!  My personal account→ @kacia.ghetmiri  The Podcast Account  --->  @empowerHER.podcast
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