[INTERVIEW] Stepping into your FULL POTENTIAL, Navigating REGRET & all things GOAL SETTING w/Jon Acuff
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Today’s guest is one of my absolute FAVORITES, I think you are going to LOVE IT.  Truly, he’s SO fun to talk to and adds SO much value he’s one of the few guests that’s been on the show 3 times!  I’m referring to NY Times Best Selling Author Jon Acuff! In today’s episode we dig into everything from goal setting in a way that doesn’t feel OVERWHELMING, handling regret and understanding you’re never behind or starting “too late” in life, why joy is more important than discipline, navigating accountability of yourself in different seasons of life, how to avoid burnout, and so much more. Jon has so many good analogies and one liners that you will walk away with that are going to help YOU achieve all of your goals! You’re going to LOVE this one!  Special thank you to our sponsor of today’s podcast: CLEARSTEM!  Cuz GIRLFRIEND….are you looking for a new SKINCARE line that’s ACTUALLY non-toxic with no hormone disruptors or CRAP in it?  If so, you’ve got to check out my FAVORITE anti-acne, anti-aging line CLEARSTEM! They have no hormone disrupters or TOXINS and honestly…. Their products have been game changer in my life for the last 5 years I’ve been using them!  If you want to check them out head to www.clearstemskincare.com and use code “KACIA” to get sweet discount on all of their products & of course take their quiz and learn more about what products are best for YOU!  You can check out their website here: www.clearstemskincare.com & they have a SUPER educational Instagram too: @clearstemskincare  To connect with Jon on Instagram: @jonacuff Check out his new book, “All It Takes is A Goal”  https://jonacuff.com/all-it-takes-is-a-goal-book/ His podcast: All It Takes is A Goal 
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