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Can I get a CONTENT WARNING? You sure can, and you seriously need one if you’re going to listen to this around little ears, unless you like having some really interesting conversations. Okay that done, let's move on. Now if you think you’re ready for Em’s Favourite Episode EVER, you ain’t even close to being ready, trust us. This episode we talk about Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s new song W.A.P., which doesn’t stand for Wonderful And Polite. It actually stands for Wet Ass...um...Mrs. Slocombe’s cat, which will only make sense if you’ve stumbled on an episode of “Are You Being Served?” and if you haven’t, lets just say Mrs. Slocombe never called her cat, a cat. We’ll also cover off the late night tweeting from Victorian Health Minister, Jenny Mikakos on Saturday night. We suspect it was done after a few vinos, she was basically apologising for the state of play in Victoria, we felt her, let’s face it, we’ve all been there. We talk about the current facial hair situation happening on the face of Brett Sutton, and also how Michael is back on the Daniel Andrews train, Em however is reserving her judgement right now. We also get a brief mention happening over vulva beauty masks. So there is a LOT of lady area talk, which is nothing new really, but again, a little content warning for anyone listening. But ardent fans of the Emsolation podcast will not be surprised, nor will they bat a no doubt superbly manicured eyebrow about it either. So check your surrounds, and once you’re sure all the ears within listening range are prepped and prepared, enjoy another walk through the Emsolation forest, and that ISN’T a euphemism, but the Mrs. Slocombe reference most certainly is
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