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First up, Em’s been reminded of the importance of reaching out and touching base with the people in your life and doing more than just sharing an RUOK hashtag. After seeing a video from a farmer who posted a deeply heartfelt message about a mate he’d recently lost, it’s been a timely reminder that it’s now more important than ever, for all of us to actually do the work, and check in with the people we care about. Then Em and Michael move on to the announcement of Kamala Harris running as the Democratic candidate for Vice President with Joe Biden. There’s also those four new cases discovered in New Zealand to talk about, they proved enough for Jacinda Ardern to move Auckland into Stage 3 restrictions for 3 days as a precautionary approach. Plus we briefly touch on the forthcoming Meghan and Harry book, and give you the lowdown on a new podcast Em and Michael have discovered. One episode in particular titled ‘Curveball’ sees them chatting to three women anonymously in their 40’s and 50’s, who after leaving long term marriages, figured things were pretty much over for them. Turns out that couldn’t have been further from the truth, cut to them now having these sexual rebirths, where they’re discovering this whole new arena of sexual enlightenment. So as you’d expect, this is another episode of Emsolation that goes just about everywhere. So once you’ve fully sanitised your hands, please grab our virtual audio hand, and allow us to lead you through the virtual forest of podcast goodness, we promise we know the way and there’s no need to leave bread crumbs behind to find your way out, okay this tangent might not be necessary, but meh, it’s there now, so enjoy. Link to the podcast discussed by Em & Michael: https://www.curveballmedia.com.au/podcast/episode/4975e391/mid-life-sexual-awakening
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