ELTPR039: Best of: 2 TOEIC Listening and Reading Lessons
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Hello and welcome to Episode 39 of the English Language Test Preparation Radio podcast. The following a compilation of the best two TOEIC Listening and Reading lessons so far of the podcast. If you need private TOEIC lessons, check out my availability at: https://bit.ly/2hrenc Also, in the meanwhile, if you haven’t subscribe to my TOEIC LR email blog which has a review of critical IELTS and English skills plus resources to help you be ready for that high target score you seek – and deserve – on the exam. Subscribe to the TOEIC SW blog at: https://bit.ly/toeiclrblogs    Today, you have two TOEIC SW lessons: 1) the #1 mistake of TOEIC LR candidates make 2) The TOEIC Reading Test - Skills You Need Enjoy and above all, good luck on the TOEIC test! ---------------------------------- Connect with me: Web: https://www.englishlanguagetestprep.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/englishtestprep/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/language_prep Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/englishlanguagetestprep/ YouTube - Subscribe   ---------------------------------- Support the show
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