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Break Off - Separable Phrasal Verb Break off has a few different meanings. In this lesson phrasal verb break off, we are going to focus on how it means 'to end a relationship'. You will hear it being used to describe a romantic relationship and also a business relationship.   Romantic relationship example: * Steve and Amanda had to break their relationship off (separable) * Steve and Amanda had to break off their relationship (used inseparably)   Business relationship example: * After 10 years of being in business together, John and Richie had to break it off. * John and Ritchie closed their restaurant and broke off their business relationship. Note: You cannot use 'break off' to describe friendships. Only business relationships or romantic relationships. See the original lesson here with more examples. Watch the video lesson here. Get 20 free phrasal verb lessons here. Leave us a comment with your examples using the phrasal verb 'break off' :)
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