English Phrasal Verb Slip Up
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This is a free lesson where we give you some excellent examples showing how to use slip up which means to make a mistake or to have an error. Listening to the audio lesson shows you the correct way to express this verb, Then you will be able to complete an exercise below to practice how to use it in context. https://englishphrasalverbscourse.podbean.com/mf/web/rykxfc/PV16SlipUpFree.mp3 Phrasal Verb Lesson: Slip Up Decide which sentence uses the phrasal verb 'Slip Up' correctly? Leave a comment in the comment section below with your answer. * I slipped up the ice and fell on my butt. * John slipped up on the bill and did not charge enough to the client. * We like to slip up a nice cold drink on a hot day to cool off. Get FREE Access to our Fluency Power Pack Membership Join us FREE for 7 days to get access to full lessons from the Phrasal Verb Course, printable lessons and the Phrasal Verb Stories related to these podcast lessons. Of course, we know you want to improve all aspects of your English to reach fluency which is why our membership includes lessons that show you how to improve your listening skills and give you activities to help you improve your speaking skills too. During your free trial, you will also be able to join the conversation practice sessions to participate in a video call with a native speaker and other members from our website. Take the first step to reach your fluency goals by joining our 7-Day Free Trial here Previous Lessons: Hear some other lessons from our podcast. Examples and audio to help you understand each one. * Get Together #1 * Get Over #2 * Cut Out #1
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