Phrasal Verbs (61): End Up, Run Around | English Phrasal Verbs for Daily Life
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In this podcast lesson, you will learn the meaning of 2 English phrasal verbs for daily life that you'll hear in an audio clip from the Real English Conversation Lesson about doctor visits. In the audio clip, Amy and Curtis had to go through the process of applying to be residents of Mexico. The English phrasal verbs for daily life that you will hear in this lesson are: - End Up - a final result or the final destination, but oftentimes that destination or the result wasn’t what we planned for or what we expected - Run Around - going from place to place to place ** Learning English Phrasal Verbs for Daily Life from Real Conversations ** The audio sample that we used to create this audio lesson is full of phrasal verbs that we used naturally while we described various situations and stories. To get access to the full conversation lesson, all you need to do is create an account as a Free Member to get the full conversation and transcription here: Learning phrasal verbs as you hear them being used in context is much easier than memorizing a list of phrasal verbs with several different meanings. With more than 40 full conversations on our website (12+ hours of audio), you can quickly learn the most common vocabulary, phrasal verbs, and expressions that native speakers use in everyday communication. Take the first step to reach your fluency goals by joining us as a Free Member here:
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