[Special Episodes] Pt. 4/4: Supercharge Your Motivation Again!
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Feeling excited and motivated to learn is a key part of maintaining your energy to be consistent! In this episode, I'm going to give you a 7-day action plan to get your motivation back (even if you've completely lost it at this point...) and also to finish the week excited to continue working on your English. Note: For one of the 'example activiites' that I mention in this lesson to help with speaking fluency, I recommended contacting someone to have a conversation with them. If you need someone to practice with, why not book a lesson with us? I'll even give you 50% off coupon to book a trial lesson! Send me an email and ask me for a special coupon code for podcast listeners. Send an email to: [email protected] (valid until Jan 31, 2021) **Each of these podcasts will have the transcription available so that you can listen and read along.** Listen to Part 1: Kickstarting Your English - Identify your reason to speak English well, the first steps to take, and setting a clear focus for the next 90 days. Part 2: Navigating the Path to Fluency - From intermediate to advanced and beyond to fluency is a very complicated and confusing part of language learning. I'll explain how to handle this and keep you focused on the most important things. Part 3: Be More Consistent with this Powerful Trick - I'll talk about a powerful idea that will help you to be consistent to reach your goals without disappointing yourself or other people. Part 4: Breaking out of Low-Motivation - - This episode you are listening to! Important Links: * Check out my New Year's Special Offer [Only 20 spaces available]. * Get awesome lessons to reach fluency faster here by joining our email list   Transcription (Read and Listen to this Podcast) This is the Real English Conversations podcast where you'll find the lessons and advice you need to be able to confidently use your English in the real world. Hi, everybody, this is Amy Whitney from realenglishconversations.com, and this episode is our fourth and final episode where I'm doing a lesson series that's really based around motivation being consistent and really understanding how to get to that next level with your English learning. So if you haven't yet listened to the first three lessons, I strongly recommend going back and starting from the first lesson because I have some really great tips and everything is going to make a lot more sense when you're doing it in order together. [00:55.775] Today, we're going to be dealing with a very, very common problem that language learners face at one time or another, or probably several times. And this is related to having low motivation. The times where I have seen low motivation in myself are generally when I've taken a bit of a break or I haven't been very consistent with my studying. Or sometimes when you're stuck on one of those horrible language plateaus where you're just trying to do everything you can and it doesn't seem like anything you're doing is really making any progress, that can be really frustrating. [01:34.625] And after a while, it kind of leaves you unmotivated to try to continue moving forward. For me in general, when I'm not very motivated to learn a language, I usually focus on things that don't really help me very much. I tell myself that I need to practice, I need to learn, I need to do something.
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