Agency, Choices and Freedom for Our Dogs
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Creating clear opportunities for our dogs to say yes or no brings us one step closer to that brilliant life we want with them. This may seem a bit odd, especially since we live in a world where having a well-trained dog is considered a badge of honor. However, the true badge of honor is earned when our dogs choose to be responsible as opposed to being trained to be responsible. Realizing they have a choice doesn’t only help our dogs feel more in control, it also introduces more trust into your partnership. In this episode of the Enlightened By Dogs podcast, Kathy breaks down the process of giving our dogs the freedom to make choices. She also shares six choice protocols we can use to get our dogs involved when making decisions. In this episode: What giving our dogs freedom looks like How to use choice protocols and clarity questions to give our dogs choices How freedom impacts our dog’s decision to say yes Quotes: “We can have attentive, responsive, and responsible dogs through living a partnership lifestyle.” “Clarity helps create that feeling of agency, freedom, and responsibility.” “This principle of choice, responsibility, and freedom is for anyone who wants to live an enlightened and connected life with their dogs.” Want More of Kathy? Brilliant Partners Academy Dancing Hearts Dog Academy Website Facebook Community
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