EBD213 Drama-Free Consent and Cooperation with Dogs
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Most of our dogs are reactive when it comes to grooming, visiting the vet or other unavoidable tasks. The truth is that most of these aren’t the most pleasant activities for our dogs. But while we can’t blame our dogs for reacting, these are must-do tasks. We’ve got to find a way to carry them out so that our dogs are left safe, calm, and happy in the end. That’s where consent comes in. In this Enlightened by Dogs episode, Kathy explains how a shift in our intentions can change everything. Viewing the freedom to give consent as a must-have for our dogs helps unlock a whole new level of trust. She shares a coaching segment from the Brilliant Partners Academy, where dog-mom Penny asks for pointers on how to support her dog, who isn’t a fan of visiting the vet. Kathy also demonstrates the trust-building power of allowing your dog to give consent through a personal story about her dog, Lucy. In this episode: Why it’s important to embrace a brilliant partnership as a process What it means to step into your role as a professional How trust can lead to situations where your dog gives consent Quotes: “Allowing our dogs the freedom and agency to give consent as much as possible develops a deep trust, understanding, and next-level collaboration.” “We need to give our dogs more empowerment and put them in situations that allow them to consent whenever possible.” “When we approach things with the intention of inviting consent, so many things open up in our relationship with our dogs.” Want More of Kathy? Brilliant Partners Academy Dancing Hearts Dog Academy Website Facebook Community
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