Love Your Dog First and Your Goal Second
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As dog parents, we all want what’s best for our dogs. We want them to live up to their full potential and lead rewarding lives within our partnerships. But sometimes, our wants and goals end up overshadowing the most important part of the equation…our dogs. The result? It becomes more of a struggle to reach our desired outcomes and create a beautiful partnership with our dogs. So, in this Enlightened by Dogs episode, Kathy invites us to really consider why we have dogs in our lives. She also shares tips on how to keep our sights on what’s important and how to avoid falling down the rabbit hole of focusing solely on achieving goal after goal with our dogs. In this episode: Why it’s important to know the main reason you want your dog in your life How our dogs help us remain present Kathy shares three ways to stay focused on what’s important Quotes: “Even when we're training our dogs in a really fun and positive game-centric way, we still somehow go down that rabbit hole of compliance.” “It’s always important to fully embrace that idea that we can only start where we are and meet our dogs where they are.” “When we bring in this idea of timelines, especially when it involves another being like our dog, it has the potential to get really achy, really fast.” Want More of Kathy? Brilliant Partners Academy Dancing Hearts Dog Academy Website Facebook Community
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