Chasing, Reactive, Fearful Dog Becomes the Best Family Dog Ever!
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Does your dog compulsively chase little animals (and leaves blowing in the wind)? Perhaps your dog is frightened of traffic and is a nightmare to walk down the street? Well, what if you heard a story about a dog mom (and member of my Brilliant Partners Academy) whose dog had both issues? That’s right, this stressed dog mom was struggling with a rescue dog named Charlie who became very reactive around trucks, cars, bikes and pretty much anything with wheels. He also had an insane compulsion to chase things that moved and as a result, completely turned the family upside down. In this episode of Enlightened By Dogs, you’ll hear the full story about this dog mom, Sue Mimm, and her beloved rescue dog, a Border Collie/Springer Spaniel cross named Charlie. You’ll also discover what tips and tactics helped Sue and Charlie turn their life around and become brilliant partners. This is the first of a series of case studies Kathy is sharing on the podcast about dog moms who have struggled with their dog’s behavior and how they turned things around with help from the Brilliant Partners Academy, so make sure you subscribe and keep coming back each week to hear real-life stories from incredible and inspirational dog moms! In this episode: How Sue met and rescued Charlie Charlie’s main issues with traffic and chasing moving animals (and objects) The breaking point experience that almost led to Sue giving up on Charlie What made Sue promise to keep Charlie and give him a loving home How the Brilliant Partners Academy helped change Sue and Charlie’s life forever Quotes: “We literally go anywhere and everywhere together. He's my sidekick.” “I would practice staying present with my dogs and being fully connected.” “I was on the kitchen floor and he came over to me and put his head in my chest as if he was saying, I’m sorry.” “It moved from a transactional relationship to one based on heart connection, mutual understanding, trust and cooperation.” Want More of Kathy? Brilliant Partners Academy Dancing Hearts Dog Academy Website Facebook Community To read the blog post on this topic and to explore other episodes, click here.
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