Two Reactive Vizslas Now Calm, Connected and Trusting
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Ros adapted to life with her two beautiful but reactive Vizsla girls by avoiding encounters with other dogs and becoming hyper-vigilant. But this was not a sustainable way to live and Ros soon found herself filled with anxiety about the possibility that anything would suddenly appear. People, dogs, cyclists, joggers, wildlife all caused panic, and the treat training around triggers did little to calm Ros or her dogs. Taking a leap of faith in joining BPA, Ros went to work learning how to be a good role model, remain calm and to be present and connected with her dogs. Analyzing every choice through the Safe, Calm and Happy protocol became a way of life. In this episode of Enlightened By Dogs, you’ll hear the full story from Ros herself and discover how joining BPA helped calm Phoebe and Myrtle, two adorable but reactive Vizslas! In this episode: Get to know Phoebe and Myrtle and find out what triggers their reactive and fearful behavior How Ros dealt with her dogs’ behavior before joining BPA Why Ros decided to join BPA and how it surprised her How BPA has helped Ros connect with her dogs What Ros likes best about the BPA including the community and partnership principles Quotes: “I prioritized everything about my life around her.” “The support that you get from the people in the group…is amazing.” “Myrtle really blossomed and her relationship with me is completely different from how it was before.” Love this and want more? Subscribe to the Enlightened By Dogs podcast in your favorite app! Don’t forget to leave us a rating and review – it would make Kathy and all of her four-legged friends very happy! Kathy is offering a big “thank you” for rating and reviewing the show on Apple Podcasts! Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Connect on Facebook: For more information and to read the blog post on this topic go to
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