June 4, 2019-- In this episode professor Marisa Galvez discusses her transhistorical study of crystal.
Published 06/04/19
May 28, 2019-- In this episode filmmaker and author Werner Herzog discusses his remarkable book Of Walking in Ice, first published in 1978. The audio in this show is a recording of a live event that took place at Stanford University on May 7, 2019.
Published 05/28/19
May 21, 2019-- In this episode professor Harrison reads from Lawrence Ferlinghetti's poem Time of Useful Consciousness, published in 2012.Ferlinghetti turned 100 years old on March 24, 2019.
Published 05/21/19
May 15, 2019-- In this episode, professor Harrison and Kai Carlson-Wee discuss the American road as it appears in film, music, and photography.
Published 05/15/19
May 15, 2019-- In this episode, professor Harrison and Kai Carlson-Wee discuss the American road as it appears in literature.
Published 05/15/19
May 7, 2019-- In this segment, Kai speaks about how he first became a poet, and he reads a few poems from his recently published work: Rail.
Published 05/07/19
April 30, 2019-- In this monologue professor Robert Harrison reflects on the mysteries of the color white, and its various symbolic associations.
Published 04/30/19
April 23, 2019-- A conversation with Lieutenant Colonel Hasseltine on the topic of cybersecurity.
Published 04/23/19
April 16, 2019-- A conversation with professor Jeremy Sabol on the topic of the French existentialist philosopher Simone de Beauvoir.
Published 04/16/19
April 11, 2019-- In this episode, the hosts of the KZSU podcast Really, Bro? interview professor Harrison on the topic of love.
Published 04/11/19
June 25, 2018-- In this final episode of the season, our host Robert Harrison reflects on summer, the seasons, and the poetry of life on planet Earth.
Published 06/25/18
June 15, 2018-- A conversation with professor Alison McQueen on the topic of her recently published book: Political Realism in Apocalyptic Times.
Published 06/16/18
June 7, 2018-- A conversation with professor Fred Turner on the transition from Counterculture to Cyberculture and the topic of his book: The Democratic Surround.
Published 06/07/18
May 30, 2018-- A conversation with professor Quinn Slobodian on his new book: Globalists: The End of Empire and the Birth of Neoliberalism.
Published 05/31/18
May 23, 2018-- A conversation with political scientist, political economist, and author Francis Fukuyama.
Published 05/24/18
May 16, 2018-- A conversation with professor Dan Edelstein on human rights and his forthcoming book: On the Spirit of Rights.
Published 05/16/18
May 8, 2018-- A conversation with Priya Nelson, an acquisitions editor at the University of Chicago Press.
Published 05/08/18
April 18, 2018-- A conversation with Professor Alexander Key on his upcoming book: Language Between God and the Poets.
Published 04/19/18
April 9, 2018-- A conversation with Professor Andrew Hui on the topic of his forthcoming book: A Theory of the Aphorism.
Published 04/10/18
February 2, 2018-- A conversation with Lena Herzog on her new immersive sound and video installation: Last Whispers, Oratorio for Vanished Voices, Collapsing Universes and A Falling Tree.
Published 02/03/18
September 22, 2017-- A re-broadcast of a conversation on philosophy between Robert Harrison and Richard Rorty, originally aired on November 22, 2005.
Published 09/22/17
July 20, 2017
Published 07/21/17
July 12, 2017--On the 200th birthday of Henry David Thoreau, Robert Harrison and Professor Andrea Nightingale engage in a lively conversation about Walden.
Published 07/13/17
July 7, 2017--A conversation with William Hurlbut on the ethical implications of CRISPR-Cas9 and human intervention in the genetic makeup of life.
Published 07/08/17
July 5, 2017--A conversation with Eric McLuhan on media and the legacy of Marshall McLuhan.
Published 07/06/17